10 NOVEMBER 2016




Property 2016

Scotland’s premier property conference


Now in its 17th year, Property 2016 takes place in Edinburgh on Thursday 10 November, and brings together industry leaders who share their unique perspectives on this year’s theme ‘Place-making – building the best for the future’.


Low to negative interest rates, the prospect of leaving Europe, a chronic housing shortage and the emergence of new technologies all add up to an interesting cocktail of challenges for today’s place makers. Property 2016 is therefore timely in that the expert panel of speakers will steer their audience towards new ways of thinking about these very real issues.


Conference highlights include:

  • Developers know that our cities need workers. But with the cost of city dwellings outstripping those in the suburbs and further afield, what are the strategies for creating affordable urban accommodation for the people we rely on to keep our cities moving and prospering?  Rob Groves, Paradise Birmingham, and John Clancy, Leader of Birmingham City Council provide some thoughts on how we can develop cities for the future.
  • The driverless car is coming to a city near you. In just five years the ‘autonomous’ vehicle will be a familiar sight, but have planners and developers even begun to assess their impact or plan for them? One man has: Chris Choa, Head of Urban Development, AECOM.
  • And, have you ever wondered why, even in a rich economy such as the UK's, it is so difficult to find the right financial structures to deliver the built environment?  Ian Thomas, Co-Founder, LendInvest will provide some answers and look at whether alternative investment models can provide a pain free catalyst to greater investment in property development.


We are delighted to have secured a stellar line-up of speakers, including:

  • Colin Innes, Partner, Shepherd and Wedderburn, Property 2016 Chairman
  • Michael Dall, Lead Economist, Barbour ABI – “Economic Overview”
  • Michael Green, CEO, UKAA – “What Build For Rent can do for UK real estate development, investment and economic growth”
  • Mike Gribben, Director - National Engineering Services, CBRE and Scott Ritchie, Partner, Shepherd and Wedderburn – “The built environment – getting fit for the future”
  • Ian Thomas, co-founder, LendInvest – “The opportunity of alternative investment for property development”
  • John Clancy, Leader of Birmingham City Council – “Regions or Cities – what fuels the economic engine?”
  • Rob Groves, Development Director, Argent, Paradise Birmingham – “Public/Private Partnership – developing cities for the future”
  • Chris Choa, Head of Urban Development, AECOM – “Autonomous vehicles – impact on urban development?”


Property 2016 is the latest in a series of conferences which over the years has come to be regarded as the premier gathering for property developers, investors, occupiers, lenders and service providers in Scotland. It has earned this reputation by delivering an outstanding panel of speakers, the highest calibre of delegates and excellent networking opportunities.



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For every delegate fee paid, we will make a donation of £5 to Spifox.


Spifox is a charity set up by construction and property professionals with the sole objective of raising funds for children's charities in Scotland.

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Thursday 2 March 2017 in Edinburgh.

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10 November 2016

08:15 - 14:00


Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC)

150 Morrison St, Edinburgh, EH3 8EE

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